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Just Show Up

One of my white belt students recently adopted this motto.  “Just show up.”  He says that even if he has bad day on the mats and he wakes up the next morning feeling defeated and not wanting to train he tells himself to “Just show up”.  He feels that if he just shows up to class the chance is that he will walk away afterwards a little better then he was the class before.

Jiu Jitsu as a beginner is a rollercoaster.  One day you feel great about being able to use what you learned an others everyone is using what they learned on you.  In other words, some days you are the hammer and some days you are the nail.  Remember when you dad would say things like “I know its tough but do it because it builds character” and you would just roll your eyes?  He was right.  This is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of Jiu-Jitsu.  The ability to deal with challenges and struggle and persevere to over come them.

Unfortunately, may people are very quick to quit a the first sign of challenge or struggle.  Jiu Jitsu, if you stick with it, teaches you that you can rise above any of the challenges in order to reach your goals.  It always makes be happy when I see people walk into class looking for a workout and learn self defense and in a few short months I see the change in their character and they become better people.

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, “the game is on and I am sore from last class and a guy half my age and twice my size tapped me six times last class so I am going to just stay on the couch”.  Don’t do it!  JUST SHOW UP!

~ Alex Kennedy, Sakura BJJ/Marcelo Garcia Association Brown Belt