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Why Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Woodstock Georgia?

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Sakura BJJ is a martial art school that focuses on proper body mechanics to achieve victory on the ground. We teach advanced techniques, such as how to sweep, submit, and avoid sweeps. We also teach basic techniques like how to be more physically fit, how to prevent injuries, and how to perform techniques on larger […]

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The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour. By: Professor Chris Civello Some of you may know that on Saturday the 8th of September, I set out to raise 11K for a no-kill animal Shelter called 11th-hour rescue. The rules were simple. Go 11 hours in the Gi with no breaks, stream it online, help a great cause. I had […]

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Keeping Kids Safe from Bullies with Jiu-Jitsu

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Keeping kids safe from bullies is a common problem faced by many parents today. Even though there are numerous campaigns focused on making the public aware of the harms associated with bullying, it remains a constant part of many youngsters’ lives. Lack of self-confidence is what plays a strong role in the suffering of the […]

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Proving your point

What is the measure of a mans heart? How do we go about finding out? As of very recently my students at Sakura BJJ have taken a bigger interest in competing. At first this made me very nervous as an instructor and mentor. How was I to soften the blow of losing? No one likes […]

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Black Belt

Black Belt This belt has alluded me most of my life in different forms. In TKD I was denied by my teacher as a young man, maybe 13/14 years old, because I wasn’t coming in enough. I was previously training 3xs a day, weekly for years, sparring with grown men since I was a small […]

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Train to Improve; Not to win

Train to Improve; Not to win Jiu-Jitsu can undoubtedly be a highly competitive martial art.  Every day we train live against a sparing partner it is very easy to train to win.  Unfortunately, while training to win has its uses, when solely focused on the tap,  personal growth and learning gets stunted.  People who train […]

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Kids

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu For Kids The benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children are incalculable.  I have seen children come through the program at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Kids and change completely for the better.  Children who were once shy become much more assertive and self confident.  Students who were once distracted and have a hard […]

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Just Show Up

Just Show Up One of my white belt students recently adopted this motto.  “Just show up.”  He says that even if he has bad day on the mats and he wakes up the next morning feeling defeated and not wanting to train he tells himself to “Just show up”.  He feels that if he just […]

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Student Spotlight: Marco Rispoli

What got you started in Jiu Jitsu? I was bullied as a kid and I have been always been terrified of physical confrontation. Jiu Jitsu destroyed all that. BJJ turns out to be the most difficult, most physically challenging, most brutal hand to hand combat martial art. I knew all this going in and I […]

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Train With Champions

Train With Champions Sakura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is making waves on the competition circuit in 2013. Placing in every age group, weight class, &amp; tournament entered. Sakura has a bright future in Sport Jiu Jitsu. We topped off the year by winning the <strong>NABJJF</strong> cup as a team as well as second place at the […]

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