How can jiu jitsu keep kids safe from bullying?

Keeping Kids Safe from Bullies with Jiu-Jitsu

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Keeping kids safe from bullies is a common problem faced by many parents today. Even though there are numerous campaigns focused on making the public aware of the harms associated with bullying, it remains a constant part of many youngsters’ lives. Lack of self-confidence is what plays a strong role in the suffering of the victim, as the bullies identify the insecurities and use them to harm the victim. Thus, parents should pay attention to any self-esteem issues that they identify with their children.

One way of helping your child grow and develop into a more confident individual is to encourage them learn the art of Jiu-jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an extremely helpful tool that can be learned by individuals of any age to increase their skills and self-confidence. If your child learns BJJ, you are enabling them to:

1.      Practice Self-confidence

Bullying takes place when the victim lacks the confidence to stand up for themselves. By learning jiu-jitsu, your child will able to learn self-defense which will boost their overall confidence. This confidence will reflect in your child’s behavior and body language and will serve to be a cue for the bullies around.

2.      Respect Others

Learning jiu-jitsu also enables your child to be more understanding towards the difference of other individuals. During their learning, they will come across different individuals and will understand the importance of respecting each other’s differences and focusing on how much effort each puts in.

3.      Develop Strong Bonds

A martial arts school such as ours, Sakura BJJ in Dover New Jersey, teaches students that jiu-jitsu can be seen as a safe platform where kids can feel welcomed and can easily develop bonds with their other students. They will learn to be flexible and to make connections even with people who are different from them in certain aspects. Your child will eventually become a fantastic team player.

4.      Create a Self-esteem Balance

Because of the uncertainty of the outcome of each session, your child will learn to take failure along with success. This will work towards making them more humble and will make them have faith in their abilities.

5.      Release Stress

Life today has become stressful even for our children. This is why it is equally important for them to de-stress. Jiu-jitsu can prove to be the perfect activity for your child to become focused and less stressed. Your child will not only be relaxing by having a great time with new friends, but will also take part in physical activity that will help them handle the difficult times in a more effective and calmer manner.

Bottom Line

Considering the seriousness of bullying today, keeping kids safe from bullies is very important for parents who care! Their kids should have the skills and self-confidence necessary to combat bully problems in school or in the neighborhood. Jiu-jitsu is a great way of dealing with these problems and equipping your child with positive skills.

If yo are interested in having your child learn BJJ in Morris County NJ, contact Sakura BJJ today!