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Law Enforcement Self-Defense Classes

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Law Enforcement Martial Arts Classes

Law Enforcement Self-Defense Classes in Woodstock, GA

Sakura BJJ is proud to offer law enforcement self defense classes for our local Woodstock GA law enforcement professionals. Our trainings deliver proven solutions for physical fitness and mental training, as well as improved morale and teamwork. We truly appreciate our law enforcement who help to keep families and our community safe. This is why we’re happy to partner with our local police and offer them these BJJ trainings.

According to statistics, over 25% of police encounter a physical interaction with the public in a year. So 1 in 4 officers will have a hand to hand confrontation in each year they serve the community. And multiple studies have shown that a high percentage of law enforcement officers are injured on the job during physical altercations. At Sakura BJJ, we are happy to provide training to those police or law enforcement officials who would like to decrease their chance of injury and serious confrontation through the use of martial arts.

How The Police Can Use Martial Arts

The criminal justice system relies heavily on physical force. When police interact with suspects, they need to be able to subdue suspects and hold them until backup arrives. Martial arts training gives police the ability to respond aggressively but safely while remaining in control.

In some areas, martial arts training has become a core component of police training. Specially designed martial arts programs focusing on law enforcement are now proliferating in police departments across the country. Also, the addition of police self-defense programs into standard police training is another stride in the name of officer safety. At Sakura BJJ, we hope to bridge the gap for those officers who may want to learn some of these specific strategies or improve upon them!

Sakura BJJ in Woodstock, Georgia Is A Great Place To Train

Sakura BJJ is an elite level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) academy located in Woodstock, GA. The academy is owned and operated by Chris Civello (who is a Marcelo Garcia trained Black Belt). Chris has been quoted as saying “Teaching martial arts gives me a way to connect with my community and it’s residents, to help them stay safe and reach their full potential.”

Sakura BJJ is introducing its Law Enforcement Self Defense program to our community. Our Law Enforcement Self Defense classes focus on teaching law enforcement personnel how to safely defend themselves from aggression and harm. We offer classes for both females and males at any skill level.

Come down to a Law Enforcement Self Defense class today and we’ll be proud to serve you, as you serve our community.